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Arabic Language Online Course

Arabic Language Course


Course Length: 12 Months (3 Levels)

Tuesdays & Sundays 4 hours (2 sessions of 2 hours each week)

Course Fee: £100/Semester

Intermediate 27th July 2024 – 1st October 2024 18:00 – 20:00 (London time)


The Islamic College has organized an Arabic Course for those who want to learn the language of the Islamic revelation.

The course has three semesters which are designed to prepare students with no previous knowledge of Arabic to read and understand Quranic and classical Islamic texts.

At the end of the course, students would have developed the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and grammar. Students who successfully complete the course will be awarded an Islamic College Certificate of attendance.

What will you learn?

This course focuses on the Arabic language which is ideal for anyone interested to learn how to read, write and speak Arabic. The course dives deep into Classical Arabic vocabulary and basic grammar rules. It’s designed to provide a solid foundation of the most common vocabulary and will enable you to go through daily life, navigate a variety of situations, and have significant conversations with speakers of Arabic.

Book series “Al-Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk” 

Introductory Level

Book1/1Lesson 1: GreetingsLesson 2: Family

Lesson 3: House

Lesson 4: Daily Life

Lesson 5: Food and Drinks

Lesson 6: Prayer

Lesson 7: Education

Lesson 8: Work

Book 1/2Lesson 1: ShoppingLesson 2: Weather

Lesson 3: People and Places

Lesson 4: Hobbies

Lesson 5: Travel

Lesson 6: Hajj and Pilgrimage

Lesson 7: Health

Lesson 8: Holidays

Book 2/1Lesson 1: Health CareLesson 2: Recreation

Lesson 3: Marriage Life

Lesson 4: Civil Life

Lesson 5: Science and Learning

Lesson 6: Professions

Lesson 7: Arabic Language

Lesson 8: Awards

Intermediate Level

Book 2/2Lesson 1: The World Is a Small VillageLesson 2: Cleanliness

Lesson 3: Islam

Lesson 4: The Youth

Lesson 5: Islamic World

Lesson 6: Security

Lesson 7: Pollution

Lesson 8: Energy

Book 3/1Lesson 1: The Eternal MiracleLesson 2: A Day in the Life of a Teenager

Lesson 3: Our Minorities in the World

Lesson 4: The Sunnah of the Prophet

Lesson 5: Children and Reading

Lesson 6: Minds Immigration

Lesson 7: Have a Good Sleep, Have a Good Day

Lesson 8: Anecdotes and Jokes

Book 3/2Lesson 1: True EqualityLesson 2: Kindness to Animals

Lesson 3: Arabic Proverbs

Lesson 4: Marital disputes

Lesson 5: The Relationship between Parents and Children

Lesson 6: Water is the Origin and Secret of Life

Lesson 7: Father’s Will

Lesson 8: Diaries of an Infant

Advanced Level

Book 4/1Lesson 1: Harmful Effects of SmokingLesson 2: Recreation

Lesson 3: Marriage

Lesson 4: Holy Cities

Lesson 5: Schools and Scientific Institutes

Lesson 6: How Do You Choose Your Profession?

Lesson 7: Between Arabic and the Qur’an

Lesson 8: Minds Immigration

Book 4/2Lesson 1: GlobalisationLesson 2: Cleanliness

Lesson 3: The Seeker of Truth

Lesson 4: Types of Friends

Lesson 5: Islamic Cultural Works

Lesson 6: Concept of Security

Lesson 7: Protection Against Pollution

Lesson 8: Types of Energy


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