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Persian Language Course

Course Length: 12 Months (3 Levels)

Mondays & Wednesdays 4 hours (2 sessions of 2 hours each week)

Course Fee: £100/Semester)

Semester 1 (Beginners) 16th Jan 2024 – 22nd Apr 2024 18:00 – 20:00 (London time)

Semester 2 (Intermediate) 20th May 2024 – 30th Sep 2024 18:00 – 20:00 (London time)

Semester 3 (Advance) 14th Oct 2024 – 13th Jan 2025 18:00 – 20:00 (London time)

The Islamic College is pleased to announce its Persian Language Course for those who want to learn modern Farsi.
This course offers an excellent opportunity to master a very important language which provides an entry into a rich and diverse culture. Since Persian has not changed significantly in over a millennium, the basic grammar for the classical and modern forms of the language is virtually the same and is relatively easy to learn.
One of the benefits of learning Farsi is the ability to access a huge body of literature and sources of Islamic knowledge.
The Course Registration Fee is £100/semester.
An attendance certificate would be granted at the end of the course

Book series “Sohbat Konid”

Introductory Level

Book 1

Lesson 1: Greetings

Lesson 2: Numbers

Lesson 3: Age

Lesson 4: Abilities

Lesson 5: Clothes and colors

Lesson 6: Stationery

Lesson 7: Transportation

Lesson 8: Jobs

Lesson 9: Weather

Lesson 10: Sizes


Book 2

Lesson 1: Classroom Expressions

Lesson 2: Stationery

Lesson 3: Introducing yourself

Lesson 4: Colors

Lesson 5: Greetings

Lesson 6: Animals

Lesson 7: Fruits

Lesson 8: Family

Lesson 9: Birthday

Lesson 10: In the zoo


Book 3

Lesson 1: Classroom terms

Lesson 2: The first day of school

Lesson 3: My favorite color

Lesson 4: Numbers

Lesson 5: Farm animals

Lesson 6: In the fruit shop

Lesson 7: Body parts

Lesson 8: Family members

Lesson 9: Stationery

Lesson 10: Toys

Intermediate Level

Book 4

Lesson 1: Abilities

Lesson 2: Forms and adjectives

Lesson 3: Art class and painting supplies

Lesson 4: Clothing

Lesson 5: Foods and drinks

Lesson 6: Jobs

Lesson 7: Transportation

Lesson 8: In the vegetable shop

Lesson 9: Weather

Lesson 10: Homework


Book 5

Lesson 1: Domestic animals

Lesson 2: Exercise

Lesson 3: In the forest

Lesson 4: City locations

Lesson 5: Different occasions in the year

Lesson 6: Locating and finding an address

Lesson 7: Boredom and illness

Lesson 8: Going to work

Lesson 9: Going to school and university

Lesson 10: Days of the week


Book 6

Lesson 1: My name is…

Lesson 2: What is this?

Lesson 3: I lost my pen

Lesson 4: I can type very fast

Lesson 5: Do we have anything to eat?

Lesson 6: He is my cousin

Lesson 7: I think I’m lost

Lesson 8: I think I got the flu…


Advanced Level

Book 7

Lesson 1: Formal greetings

Lesson 2: Informal greetings

Lesson 3: Formal introduction

Lesson 4: Informal introduction

Lesson 5: What time is it?

Lesson 6: A phone call

Lesson 7: Can you hear me now?

Lesson 8: What a small world!

Lesson 9: Weather report


Book 8

Lesson 1: Order food in a restaurant

Lesson 2: In the doctor’s office

Lesson 3: Asking for an address

Lesson 4: Hello! 119?

Lesson 5: How do I go to …?

Lesson 6: Can I help you?

Lesson 7: What can I do to help?

Lesson 8: Exam night

Lesson 9: How much does it cost?

Lesson 10: Are you going to go to the festival this year?



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