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 With Sa‘di in the Delightful Gardens of Golestan

In the Name of God

A Stroll in the Enchanting Sphere of Persian Wisdom, Language, and Culture

A Series of Courses Introducing Masterpieces of Persian Literature

Course 1:

 With Sa‘di in the Delightful Gardens of Golestan

April 16 – July 16

Tuesdays 6-8 pm

Persian language and literature is a treasure trove of the most exquisite achievements of the human mind and ingenuity concerning the issues related to the human condition. Iranian sages have left a rare and precious collection of the richest spiritual teachings and practical insights as their legacy for human beings. Regrettably, this invaluable treasure has remained unknown relatively in modern times. Many, especially among the younger generations, simply do not have time or the opportunity to get acquainted with this priceless heritage bequeathed to humanity.

The present series of courses entitled “A Stroll in the Sphere of Persian Wisdom, Language, and Culture” is designed with the specific aim of introducing the best works of Iranian hakims to Persian and non-Persian speakers who are in love with Persian culture and literature and have intermediate competence in Persian language.

In the first series of these courses, Sa‘di’s captivating and unrivalled work, Golestan, will be introduced. In each session, a selection of the tales and stories from various chapters of Golestan will be discussed in Persian in tandem with the explanation of the finer points of the text in English and elaboration of various contextual aspects of each topic.


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