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Tawhid (Monotheism) in Qur’an

An online short course on

Tawhid (Monotheism) in Qur’an

(on Zoom)

1st session: 28th October 2022

2nd session: 4th November 2022

Time: 18:30 – 20:30


Shaykh Muhammad Khalfan was born in Mombasa, Kenya. Having completed his secondary education, he went to Qum where he attained a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies. He then spent more than a decade on various tabligh activities, after which he returned to Qum to do a Master’s degree. He is currently completing a PhD on Islamic Mysticism at the University of Religions and Denominations.

Shaykh Khalfan has served the community in various capacities; he was a tutor at Al-Muntazir Islamic Seminary in Dar-es-Salam, Tanzania; Director of Hawzat al-Muntazar (aj) in Antananarivo, Madagascar; Head of Islamic Religious Education at Jaffery Academy, Mombasa; and Head of the Middle Eastern Section at the Islamic Institute for Post Graduate Studies in Damascus. At present, he runs the al-Imam al-Sajjad (a) Foundation in Qum.

Among his publications are Soaring to the Only Beloved (2001), Manifestations of the All-Merciful (vol. 1: 2002; vol. 2: 2004), The Divine Invitation (2004), The Sacred Effusion (vol. 1: 2009; vol. 2: 2013), Seeking Light (2014), Seeking Elevation (2015), Prescriptions for Physicians (2017), and The Tablet of Fatima (‘a) (2018).


We will look at the three levels of Tawhid and their concomitants in light of the Quran: (1) Oneness of God’s Essence (TawḥĪd al-Dhāt), (2) Oneness of God’s Names (Tawḥīd al-Asmā’) and (3) Oneness of God’s Actions (Tawḥīd al-af’āl)

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