Undergraduate FAQs

What are the tuition fees for your courses?

Each course page has its own fees that is applicable for the upcoming academic year. Please see the individual course pages for more details.

Once I have joined the BA programme, will my tuition fees change?

No, the fee structure will remain the same per year until completion of the course. This is subject to terms and conditions.

How is the full time programme structured?

The programme takes three years to complete and is divided into three levels; level one (year one), level two (year two), and level three (year three). At each level students must complete a minimum of 120 credits. Each module is valued at either 10 or 20 credits. Modules are either ‘Compulsory’ or ‘Designated’. The majority of the modules are semester-long; however a few modules are year long modules. Students take 60 credits per semester, two semesters per year, to total 120 credits. Assessments take place at the Islamic College at the end of each semester. Assessments normally take the form of assignments, class presentations, and/or examinations.

Is the BA programme offered part-time?

Yes, students can complete the BA programme on a part-time basis. However, there is a minimum of credits that they need to take per academic year.

Are all the modules taken at the Islamic College or at Middlesex University?

All learning sessions arranged by the Islamic College will take place at the Islamic College.

What is a validated collaborative programme?

As a student on a Middlesex University collaborative programme, you are studying for a qualification that is designed, taught and assessed by the Islamic College but which is validated as a Middlesex University qualification. This collaboration is formalized in a Memorandum of Co-operation which sets out all of the programmes’ academic and administrative arrangements. The Memorandum of Co-operation is available at the Islamic College.

Would I be a Middlesex University student?

As a student on a Validated collaborative programme, you are not a student member of Middlesex University, but rather you are a full member of the Islamic College where you are enrolled and studying. However, you are additionally registered with Middlesex University as a candidate for a qualification from Middlesex University. From March 2005, in order to provide students with visual indication of the collaboration between the two institutions, the student identity cards issued by the Islamic College include the following confirmation of the collaboration with Middlesex University.

May I use the Middlesex University’s libraries?

Students are not automatically entitled to have access or borrowing rights from Middlesex University’s Libraries and Learning Resource Centres (LRCs).However, if, as an exception, it has been agreed that students on the Islamic College programme would particularly benefit from the Middlesex University library resources, then a separate agreement must be arranged. The Link Tutor at the Islamic College will be able to tell you the extent of that access agreement.

May I use the Middlesex University Sports’ facilities?

Students enrolled on a Validated collaboration in the UK may use any of Middlesex University’s Sports Facilities. Middlesex University boasts a number of excellent sports facilities on the Campuses at Enfield (Club Pulse), Hendon (The Burroughs Sports Club), Trent Park and Cat Hill. Each year the service publishes a handbook which provides information on the activities on offer, and this is available by calling 020 8411 4734. More information, including fee and subscription rates, can be found at http://www.mdx.ac.uk/sport.

Would I be a member of the Students’ Union?

As a student on a Validated collaborative programme, you may apply to become an Associate member of the Middlesex University Students’ Union (MUSU). As such you are not entitled to vote in union elections or stand for election as one of the officers of MUSU. However, you are entitled to use MUSU facilities and support services and to all discounts offered by those bodies to which MUSU is affiliated, e.g. Transport for London. No fee is involved, and your Programme Leader and the MUSU web site (http://www.musu.mdx.ac.uk) can give all necessary information on applying for an NUS card.

Where can I find out about events and social activities?

Visit the ‘events’ section of the Islamic College web site. It lists upcoming events at the Islamic College. Feel free to also visit Middlesex University’s web site and their events section for a full list of social trips in the UK and Europe. You can also get information from the Middlesex University Students’ Union (MUSU) web site for details of what programmes are being offered to the students (http://www.musu.mdx.ac.uk/).

What do I do if I change my address or telephone number?

It is very important that you inform the Islamic College Administration Office. Applicants need to notify admissions@islamic-college.ac.uk if they have changed any of their correspondence details. All correspondence will automatically be sent to the applicant’s HOME address unless otherwise requested.

Would I need to provide any of my information directly to Middlesex University?

Once registered, the Islamic College would pass on your details to Middlesex University. The registration details of students on validated collaborative programmes are held by Middlesex University’s Collaborative Programmes Office on a separate collaborative student management system.

What will Middlesex University give me once I’ve finished my studies?

Firstly, once you have successfully completed your programme, your award will be conferred on you by the Islamic College’s Assessment Board which Middlesex University staff also attends. You will then be entitled to attend one of the Middlesex University Graduation Ceremonies held at Wembley Conference Center in London in July. Alternatively, the Islamic College may hold its own Graduation Ceremony at which Middlesex University will be represented. For those programmes that attend the ceremonies at Wembley, invitations will be sent to you via the Islamic College. Full information can be found on the Middlesex University 24-7 web site or by contacting the Graduation Ceremonies Administrator on 020 8411 6355. A full transcript of the modules studied and grades and credits gained will be sent to you by the Islamic College. This transcript will be verified by Middlesex University. Your Qualification Certificate will subsequently be posted to you by the Islamic College. Thereafter, you will be entitled to use the Alumni Association’s services (http://www.mdx.ac.uk/www/alumni).

Are there any rules or policies I need to be aware of?

Yes, the list will be sent along with the prospectus upon request to the applicants.
Since our BA programme is in collaboration with Middlesex University the same rules and regulations apply to our students (unless stated otherwise in the Student Handbook). See http://www.mdx.ac.uk/regulations

How do I contact my lecturer or tutor?

Contact details of lecturers/tutors will be given to the students during the induction and enrollment programmes. It also can be obtained from the Administration Office.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

If you are faced with a problem, then the best advice is to communicate your problem to someone in the related department.

I can’t find the answer to other questions that I have? What should I do?

If you are unable to find an answer, then our Admin staff can assist you. Or simply send your question(s) to admissions@islamic-college.ac.uk .

What is a Career Development Loan?

A Career Development Loan is a bank loan for UK students designed to help you pay for your course. Repayments start one month after you complete your course. You can borrow between £300 and £8000.

What is Sallie Mae UK Education Loan?

The Education Loan is a credited-based unsecured loan for UK students operated by Sallie Mae (a leading provider of student loans in the United States).