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IQA 112 – Analytical Grammar

The module aims to review the grammatical rules of Arabic Morphology and Syntax by analysing how they are applied in verses of the Qur’an, traditions and other classical Arabic texts. It aims to reinforce learning of the rules of Arabic Morphology and Syntax as well as examine in detail the essential components of words, and sentences and to appreciate through practice how meanings change according to different grammatical readings. The module also aims to develop the student’s analytical and application skills and to enhance their ability to understand religious and academic texts, helping to pave the way to a future of reading Arabic with confidence.
Module Title : Analytical Grammar
Module Type: Compulsory
Program: Foundation Year in Qur’anic Arabic
Prerequisite(s): none
Credit(s): 20
Module Code: IQA 112
Semester: 1+2
Component(s): Portfolio: 50 % Written exam: 50 %


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