IQA 111 – Syntax



  1. Introduction to Syntax
  2. What is a Complete Sentence?
  3. The Verb (al-Fi‘l)
    o The Subjunctive Mood (al-Manṣūb) of the Imperfect Verb (al-Fi‘l al-Muḍāri‘)
    o The Jussive Mood (al-Majzūm) of the Imperfect Verb (al-Fi‘l al-Muḍāri‘)
    o The Indicative Mood (al-Marfū‘) of the Imperfect Verb (al-Fi‘l al-Muḍāri‘)
  4. The Noun (al-Ism)
    o The Nominative Case (al-Marfū‘)
    o The Accusative Case (al-Manṣūb)
    o The Genitive Case (al-Majrūr)
  5. Hidden Vowel Signs of a Declinable Noun
  6. The Adjective (al-Na‘t) and the Conjuction (al-‘Atf)
  7. The Emphatic (al-Tawkīd) and the Apposition (al-Badl)
  8. Desinential Syntax (al-‘Irāb) of Indeclinable Words and Sentences

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Assessment Modes
Graded assessment is by portfolio and written examination. The portfolio will comprise of eight completed exercises of no more than 350 words each on topics covered in class. The written examination will take place at the end of the module.

Assessment Weighting
Portfolio: 50 %
Written examination: 50 %

Learning materials

Core readings
Al-Shartuni, R. (2007). Mabadi al-Arabiyyah. Qum: Dar al-Ilm.