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IQA 111 – Syntax

The module aims to develop a thorough understanding of Arabic Syntax (‘Ilm al-Naḥw), the science that discusses the states of word-endings once the words have been composed into a sentence. It aims to instil an appreciation of the important role syntax plays in enabling the reader to correctly understand verses of the Qur’an, traditions and other classical texts. It also examines a complete range of syntactical rules and structures and to explore how changes in grammatical composition affect meaning. The module also develops skills in critical reading and understanding classical Arabic, enhancing the student’s ability to refer to the wealth of Arabic resources required for Islamic studies.
Module Title : Syntax
Module Type: Compulsory
Program: Foundation Year in Qur’anic Arabic
Prerequisite(s): none
Credit(s): 20
Module Code: IQA 111
Semester: 1+2
Component(s): Portfolio: 50 % Written exam: 50 %


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