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MIN 407 – Authority in Shi’a Islam

The aim of this module is to examine the source of political authority in Shi’a Islam as well as its unfolding on the plane of history. Undoubtedly, after the Prophet the spiritual-temporal authority—or walayah—of the Imams is one of the most central themes around which revolve all theological, social and political ideas and ideals particular to Shiite Islam. The course aims at analysing this focal point and its relation to other aspects of Shiite thought, especially the concept of political authority. It, furthermore, critically examines the most recent developments in Shi’a political thought, in particular the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and the political currents at play in Lebanon and Iraq.
Module Title : Authority in Shi’a Islam
Module Type: Designated
Program: MA/PG Dip Islamic Studies Distance Education (DE)
Prerequisite(s): none
Credit(s): 15
Module Code: MIN 407
Semester: 2
Component(s): Activities: 30% Review Questions & Discussion Group: 10% Final Essay: 60%


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